Things Every Customer Should Know About CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures
CBD Tinctures
CBD Tinctures
CBD Tinctures

Among the ingestible forms of CBD, sublingual products are quite famous for their appreciable potency and bioavailability when compared to other ingestible options like CBD edibles. CBD tinctures and oils are two major sublingual CBD options.

CBD tinctures are usually prepared in alcohol base, and being a delicious option due to the presence of added flavors, they make excellent additives to edibles. This session discusses things that every CBD user should know about CBD tinctures.

Manufacturing Process Of CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures come in liquid form with highly potent cannabidiol content. They are prepared by cooking CBD rich hemp flowers dissolved in grain alcohol for several hours. Although glycerin or vinegar can be used in place of alcohol, no base can produce tinctures that are as potent as the ones with alcohol base.

After the preparation, CBD tinctures are mixed with carrier oil with flavors like orange and peppermint to mask the raw and unpleasant taste of the tincture when taken on its own. The final product is highly potent and maintains the level of THC below 0.3% to ensure that consuming the tincture will not cause a euphoric effect in the users.

Intake Method Of CBD Tincture 

To measure out the dosages appropriately, CBD tincture bottles often come with droppers. Even though overdosing on CBD is hardly possible, precision of dosage is still relevant because the dosage decides the effects of CBD.

CBD tinctures are mostly taken sublingually whereby the tincture is measured out using a dropper and placed beneath the tongue for about 60 seconds. The cannabidiol in the tincture reaches the bloodstream via the mucous membranes beneath the tongue. As the method doesn’t require digestion in the stomach, higher amount of CBD in the tincture reaches the bloodstream.

Tinctures can also be added to edibles but keep in mind that higher cooking temperatures can reduce the therapeutic potential of CBD.

Check The Label Prior To Purchasing CBD Tincture

Journal of American Medical Association points out that about 70% of CBD products lack appropriate labeling. The statistics emphasize the importance of ensuring the quality of the CBD tincture by studying the details given on the product label. The COA (Certificate of Analysis) indicates the level of cannabinoid in the tincture and its overall purity. If the CBD tincture bottle doesn’t contain this information, go for another brand that complies with the quality standards and has appreciable transparency.

As tinctures are ingestible products, ensuring that the ingredients are safe for human consumption is quintessential. Make sure that the tincture contains food-grade alcohol and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients.

Take Tinctures In Small Doses

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, indicating that you have to take them in small doses even though the worries about overdosing on CBD are baseless. Small doses would be enough especially because the CBD tinctures are commonly taken for therapeutic purposes. Dosing the tinctures is quite easy as they come with milliliter (mL) droppers with the safe dosages clearly mentioned on the bottles.

CBD Tinctures Contain Terpenes

In addition to the cannabinoids like CBD and THC, Full spectrum CBD tinctures contain terpenes that provide a characteristic flavor and aroma to the tinctures. In an attempt to boost  the medicinal value of the tincture, terpenes from other plants may also be added to it.

As the common target of CBD tinctures is curing ailments, the terpenes to be added to the tincture are selected by analyzing the type of medical cure it can offer. Take for instance the case of the terpene, myrcene which is added to handle anxiety symptoms whereas the terpene limonene helps improves mood.

Cheaper Prices May Indicate Compromised Quality

The manufacturing process of CBD involves multiple steps of extraction and purification that often require expensive equipment and expertise. Hence CBD products are going to be expensive. If you find CBD products at unrealistically cheap rates, know that the quality of that product cannot match that of top CBD products.

Don’t get carried away by the low price options available in CBD tinctures.

Don’t Confuse CBD Oil For CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures and oils are often referenced interchangeably because some have a misconception that CBD oil is the same as CBD tincture. The exactly same kind of packaging of CBD oils and tinctures is the major cause for this misconception.

The base used in CBD tincture and oil differentiates them from each other. In CBD oil, cannabidiol extract is infused in carrier oil like olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil etc whereas tinctures are derived by keeping the CBD extract soaked in  alcohol and water solution. The alcohol base contributes to the shelf life of the tincture making it last longer than CBD oil.

Whatever be the type of CBD product that you choose, conduct a proper research about the product and brand so as to determine the bioavailability of its intake method and the potency of the product.