Is Vaping The Best Method Of Taking CBD Out There? Pros And Cons Of Vaping?


CBD has been furiously making its rounds, so much so that we are hearing of it everywhere. From reporters and journalist discussing it on TV, to YouTube influencers been seen with a trendy sleek metal pen blowing out puffy vanilla scented clouds. CBD has certainly started to touch every shore and shack in the west and is slowly gaining much popularity in the east. But that beckons the question, is CBD all that good? If so what’s the deal with “vaping pens”? Well, this is what we focus on shedding light on today. So, sit back and read on to find out whether CBD vaping pens are what you’re looking for!

To Start With, What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the many active compounds that you’d find when you begin extracting from a cannabis plant. CBD can be obtained either from the said marijuana plant or a hemp plant. CBD unlike its counterparts is not a psychoactive substance. What this means is that you can consume CBD without the possibility of getting “high”! The reason for recreational users getting high is due to the presence of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. This “THC” is highly psychoactive, causing the sensations of “time slowing down” and general intoxication and delusions.

The CBD oil and products available have negligible quantities of THC, not enough to make a dent!

The use of CBD has garnered several fans all over! It has been shown to fix and supress a multitude of ailments and symptoms. Be it from arthritis to chronic back pain, or insomnia to PTSD. CBD has you all covered!

There are plenty of ways to consume this miracle oil. They can be taken in the form of gummy bears, ingested, applied to the area of pain in the form of lotion/creams or even “vaped”. This brings us to the crux.


It has become one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD. But before we hop on to the hype train, let us see for ourselves whether it deserves the attention it’s getting! Like any product or technology out there, vaping pens have their pluses and minus.

Pros Cons
Highest bioavailability than any other form Possibility of metal contamination is quite high
Instantly works on pain relief due to lower onset time Long term effects have not been studied yet
It’s compact, light and convenient to use Anytime, anyplace! Smoke might cause issues to people with allergies

 The Pros

  • Up In Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD that will move into your bloodstream. The efficacy of any CBD product depends on this. For sublingual CBD product (CBD oil that is squirted under the tongue), the bioavailability is seen in the range of 25-35%. Edible on the other hand, have a much lower bioavailability, from 4-20%. This is also the reason why it takes so long for the effects to show, if at all!

Now coming to vaping pen! The bioavailability is roughly around 34-56%! That is how much goes into your bloodstream, giving you instant pain relief! So, using vaping pens, you’ll end up using much less of the CBD than say if you were throwing in a gummy bear! How neat is that?!

  • Convenience

Need I even mention this? Vaping pens are compact. They easily fit into your bag or jeans pocket. You do need accessories, but these you needn’t carry with you everywhere. The process of using it involves loading the pen with the oil, select the temperature to heat the oil, and then inhale the fumes. You’re good to go!

  • Gets To Work!

CBD vaping pens work quick! Let’s see. If you were to use gummy bears or edible for that matter, it would take a good 30-60 minutes for the CBD to actually hit your stream. The effects start slowly, but imagine if you are in blithering pain! Surely you wouldn’t want to wait an hour for the medicine to start working!  Vaping pens have them all beat in this department. The fumes once inhaled enter your lungs and immediately diffuse straight into you bloodstream. This instantly alleviates the ailments!


  • Possible Contamination

Most pens have a heating coil to heat the CBD oil. This could be of nickel, titanium, stainless steel or another alloy of sorts. When it is inhaled metal nanoparticles are consumed as well. Even though the particulate is within permissible levels, the long term effects are still anyone’s guess

  • Would This Hurt In The Long Run?

While short and mid-term effects show positive results and dangers are significantly on the down side, the long term side effects are still yet to be documented and studied.

All in all, vaping pens have shown their worth as being effective at curbing the problem at hand, and look stylish doing so. A win-win situation as far as the eyes can see!