Feeling Queasy? CBD Can Help

Infusing The CBD
Infusing The CBD
Infusing The CBD
Infusing The CBD

CBD has been leading the war against ailments that plague patients of all age groups, genders, and race. The fighting chance which we all need is given an energised hope all thanks to the miracle drug. The long list of CBD benefits is enough to turn the gaze of even the adamant non-believers; arthritis, osteoporosis, insomnia, PTSD, OCD hell even symptoms that crop up during chemotherapy during cancer treatment can be controlled with the help of CBD!

Grab your pens as there is another addition to the list, and that is controlling nausea!

Feeling Your Stomach Turn

We have all felt the moment where we simply can’t hold onto the contents of our gut, and we end up puking it all out? Being nauseas can be tiring and draining, not to mention the obvious frustration of always running to the closet or the backyard the minute you feel like hurling!

There are many anti-nauseas medication out there that come with too much of the side effects like drowsiness and diarrhea. People have stopped pinning their hopes on these over-the-counter medications and given it deservingly to CBD instead!

Cannabidiol Against Nausea

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most reliable anti-nauseas herbs that are available out there. So much so, that it could even give ginger a run for its money. The way in which CBD works against nausea is by interacting with the “nausea centre” of the brain. The CBD initially focuses on the interacting with the CB1 receptor that is part of the Endocannabinoid system. The CB1 receptor is found in the medulla oblongata, which is the part of the brain stem. This part controls even the feeling of sneezing apart from feeling queasy.

On activating the receptors, nausea can be inhibited. The CBD may not directly even interact with the receptor but instead cause the anandamide levels to increase; this in turn acts on the receptor.

The best part of using CBD is that you won’t be intoxicated after consuming it and the CBD side effects are also very few!

How To Use CBD To Treat The Feelings Of Nausea?

CBD can be consumed in a variety of forms from vaping using a vape pen or infusing the CBD into your ginger tea. Avoid directly ingesting the oil as the bitter taste may cause you to hurl much earlier hat you were supposed to! You can also combine with chamomile and peppermint herbs to drown the flavour of CBD from the palate.