A Comparison Between Hemp And Cannabis

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Hemp CBD

With the huge popularity CBD gained over a few years, the popularity of the terms like hemp, cannabis, etc. also increased greatly. These are plants from which the CBD is derived. You can find both hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD in the market. Even though these products have a lot of similarities, they have many differences too. Hence, you have to be aware of them for choosing the right product for you. Therefore, through this article, we list some of the important properties of both hemp and cannabis plants that are commonly used for extracting CBD.

Hemp And Cannabis

Both hemp and cannabis are plants of the same genus called “cannabis”. There are different varieties of cannabis plants that vary in their properties. Hemp and marijuana/cannabis are two among them.

When people say cannabis, they are generally referring the Cannabis Sativa plants which can be found commonly. It is usually found near the tropical regions including Asia, Africa, and Central America. It is the tallest hemp plant that is found today which can reach a height of 2-4 meters.

Another variety of cannabis that is known as Cannabis Indica was discovered later. It is naturally grown in mountainous areas like the hills of Afghanistan, parts of India, etc. Indicas are a shorter and bushier version of Sativas.

Cannabis Ruderalis is another variety of cannabis that is found in the northern hemisphere including Russia, China, Poland, etc. It has the capability to withstand harsh climates and environments. This plant is a small and hardy plant and people used it for fibers and nutrition in the past.

But what is hemp? It is actually a special breed of cannabis Sativa plant, and is closely related to marijuana. However, they have a lot of differences between them. The following sections will give you an idea about the features of both hemp and cannabis/marijuana plants.

Hemp Plants

Hemp can be defined as the safest version of the marijuana plants. These plants are grown for industrial purposes and they will not create high in people. The level of THC, which is the psychoactive compound present in the cannabis that is responsible for creating the intoxicating effects, will be very low in the hemp plants which amounts to almost 0.3% or less. Hence, hemp CBD is safe for consumption.

Cannabis Plants

Cannabis/marijuana plants will contain higher concentrations of THC and can result in intoxicating effects. Therefore, cannabis CBD is not as safe as hemp CBD. Hence, when buying CBD products, you have to check whether they are derived from the hemp or cannabis plants.